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LA’s fallen street ads transformed into vibrant wall art

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They All Fall Down

Turner’s latest collection, They All Fall Down, is an exploration of consumerism, advertising, fashion and its fleeting nature in society. What is trash? What is art? Where do they intersect?


In her 50 pieces, Turner has repurposed wild posting advertising from across Los Angeles collected for over a year. The temporary poster advertisements - damaged, wet, ripped, graffitied, stained, or pristine then became the medium for the new works.


Amy says the process involved a detailed process of acquisition, cultivating and curating the found images, "In LA, when it rains, the city literally falls apart. I took to the streets, collecting fallen images to curate in my studio and create new art."

Amy Turner, Fine Art, They All Fall Down, pic 1
Amy Turner, Fine Art, They All Fall Down, pic 2
They All Fall Down
Amy Turner

Amy Turner - Artist

Amy Turner is a self-taught artist and lifelong Angeleno, creating fine art, commercial design and commission pieces around the world. Amy works in mixed media, diving into new textures, palettes and forms of construction and fabrication.

Amy splits her time between Los Angeles and Philadelphia and has a passion for jazz and live performance. She is married to dancer and educator Samantha Zweben. 

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Amy Turner
Artwork Info

"They All Fall Down" is comprised of 50 pieces on stretched canvas. Each individual artwork measures

30"W X 40"H (76cm X 102cm).


Prices upon request.

Individual and commercial inquiries. 

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